Gloxinia Care



Gloxinia are very similar to African Violets except that in the Winter they require a period of rest.  During blooming season make sure you feed weekly and you will be rewarded with a prolific number of blooms up to 3″ in size.  When blooming has finished, cut back watering by half and when the leaves have died back dig up the small tuber.  Trim the remaining leaves, wash in tepid water, dry and store in a plastic bag in a cool dark area until Spring.  You will begin to see new growth at that time and you will know it is time to replant! Nowadays Gloxinas only hold their vigor 2-3 years so don’t be surprised if this only works a couple of times or plant stops blooming. Also, I live in a part of the San Francisco Bay Area where my friends and I have actually had luck leaving them in the ground over the Winter months due to our mild weather and it worked out here.


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