Queen of the Garden

Queen of the Garden

Twinkle-Queen of the Garden

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is nearly 17 1/2 years old in cat years, so in people years that puts her right around I’d say just about 86.  The same age as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England. Just like Queen Elizabeth she is still very much full of life and involved in her kingdom.  Gardens are filled with many sources of life. from plants to bugs to animals and mine wouldn’t be Cheryl’s Garden without Twinkle.  My little furry Queen  is a smoky grey russian blue who maintains order with all who enter.  Especially the animals.  She has built relationships with the enemy skunks who invade the garden at night and they live with a peace treaty. Her fur is turning grey and she’s losing her hearing but just let some young feral cat come by and try to encroach upon her space. He soon learns who rules this land as she hisses and arches her back in warning.

Twinkle Queen of the Garen

Twinkle-Queen of the Garden

Stretching languidly from nose to tail she sleeps for hours in the sun when she can find it.  As the heat of the day becomes too much for her she hides beneath the mallow bushes. Her bright eyes peering out between the leaves. On the rare occasion a butterfly strikes her fancy she rolls on her back swatting at it twisting from side to side in what is now known as the “tinkie roll”.  Mainly Queen Twinkle sits regally wherever she feels comfortable and surveys her garden and all that goes on in it. With her golden eyes half closed and a tiny mew escaping now and then, she waits for a scratch on the head or an extra treat.  It’s good to be Twinkle, it is good to be Queen of the Garden.


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