The Gardeners are Coming! The Gardeners are Coming!

Let me just say up front digging holes is not my favorite thing.  It’s pretty much at the bottom of my gardening to do list. Even though I would rather spend the entire day in my garden as opposed to indoors, there are just certain things I don’t like to do, and I have had to become quite resourceful in finding ways to get them done.  Luckily with digging the holes, I found out my friend Karen seems to like doing it.   She also loves using my garden in the summer to curl up in a chair or hammock and read or fall asleep so she finds it a good trade-off.

The other thing I don’t usually do is mow the lawn and for over a month now we have been without a gardener to do this.

Cheryl's Garden

Cheryl’s Garden

The gardener usually just mows and edges the lawn twice a month so as you can imagine Cheryl’s Garden is beginning to look a little scraggly.  The new gardener’s start tomorrow and I feel like my friends who have housekeepers.  They always clean the house before the cleaning person comes.   I have the urge to run around and make sure everything is dead headed. Water all my containers. Put away watering cans, bags of dirt.  Pick up all the toys-like that stray hula hoop in the middle of the yard aaaggghhhh how long has that been there?  The grass has started to yellow and it looks like we have crop circles. Great.

Finally I get everything in some semblance of order. I think I won’t be too embarrassed tomorrow. I sit at my outdoor office (patio table) with a glass of icy lemonade. I hear the kids running towards the back door with a new armload of toys. Nooo I say, the gardeners are coming, the gardeners are coming!


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