I find a lot of peace in my garden as I’m sure most of you do. In the mornings when the sun has just risen and the grass is still wet with dew and the air smells of fog, Twinkle and I often take a morning walk down the paths, through the flower beds.  Inspecting what the night has brought or what we might have lost to our many visitors, whatever the case may be. We are usually “blessed with many snails heading back to their daylight home, leaving a shiny little trail behind them. They love the cool damp nights of Alameda.  It’s still very chilly and my coffee is the one thing that keeps me warm. I see my bright yellow marigolds made a tasty snack for someone and make a mental note to investigate that later.  Twinkle and I reach the end of our path and she mews expectantly at me.  She is ready for breakfast and has waited long enough.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf Hydrangea

As I turn to go back my eye catches a flash of white and I am amazed to see a beautiful oak leaf hydrangea blossom and another smaller greener one.  How could I have missed these?  This was a plant I had planted years ago that just didn’t make it because of the location. It kept getting broken and bumped into until finally there was only one lone stem left that didn’t bloom.  I never had the heart to cut it back or dig it up.  Now here it was surprising me with a beautiful flower on this cold wet morning. I love how that happens when you least expect it. Twinkle’s short little mew’s become more insistent, asking me (What are you waiting for? I’m hungry).  I stare at them, a smile on my face, a few moments longer, it is a good day in the garden.


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