Cheryl’s Garden on Euclid



A few years ago I had a retail flower shop in Berkeley Ca on Euclid Ave right across from the North Gate of the Cal Berkeley Campus.  It was an eclectic little street lined with trees. I loved my little flower shop and I do mean little.  I am wagering most of your bathrooms were bigger.  Now I being the resourceful florist that I am moved half of my inventory outside each day  onto a nice grassy area in front of our largest window and right along the walkway up to the front door.  It was quite beautiful even if I do say so myself.  People would often stop and have me take their picture in front of my displays. A lot of what was outside was plants. I loved and still do love  plants, and for some reason I always seemed to buy one or two too many.

Baby Juliana

Baby Juliana

Then when I didn’t sell them all, well I would just have to take them home and plant them in my garden. I would say at least half my plants came from the store and some of my best and hardiest.  The little heart-shaped jasmine topiary now covers an entire fence on one side of my deck.  A small 4″ pot of grapevines now winds its way up and around the edge of the roof of my potting shed even going so far as to turn the corner and curve its way halfway up the next eave.

Grapes from Cheryl's Garden

Grapes from Cheryl’s Garden

It is laden with heavy bunches of green grapes that by October will turn dark red and sweeten for a delicious treat.  Intertwined in the grapevine but growing in the opposite direction is a white wisteria plant. That too came from Cheryl’s Garden.  It’s smell is exquisite and its curly tendrils shoot up into the air like fireworks.  They make a beautiful team. From roses to hydrangea to clematis to blue poppies, that’s how over time Cheryl’s Garden on Euclid  became very much Cheryl’s Garden in Alameda

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