Traveling Gardens Part I

Yellow Wildflower

Yellow Wildflower

A couple of weeks ago I went to see my son who lives in Denver. He is very outdoorsy. obsessed with biking, hiking, camping all that “fun” stuff. I think it’s a job requirement, he works at REI. So I go out to visit and he always wants to do something “fun” lest I haven’t said it before let me clarify now. I am not an athletic person. Lucky for me though I am still recovering from a broken right foot. I am unable to have too much fun.  Denver is absolutely beautiful and Devon, my son really wanted to go on a hike that first

bird egg

bird egg

day we were there. The closest thing I brought to hiking boots was a pair of keds. Devon said it was an easy level hike and that should be fine. Of course I believed him.



Two hours later and over 8,000 feet in altitude we were halfway around a huge reservoir. It had not been an easy level hike and my water was gone.  I stopped and pretended to examine a beautiful yellow wildflower.  Catching my breath I started to notice how remarkable it really was so I decided to take a picture.  For the rest of the hike when I got too tired I stopped and took pictures, but it was the incredible flowers and wilderness around me that took my breath away. It was warm and I was still thirsty but time seemed to go by much faster as I enjoyed this new garden – this Denver Wild Garden.


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