Summer Rain

Today dark storm clouds rolled in along with the intoxicating smell of summer rain. The sound of thunder rumbled in the distance and gradually grew louder and louder. I waited in anticipation for the warm rain I miss so much. The air was warm and heavy with a slight wind blowing the branches of the pine trees outside my window. At home in the San Francisco Bay Area we only have rain during the winter months and being from the East Coast this felt like a true summer day to me. It had rained every afternoon of our stay this week. The mornings are beautiful and sunny, even hot.  Leaving plenty of time to explore the natural beauty all around us before the afternoon summer rain arrives.

Today we hiked to the Tallac Historical Museum.  We walked along a stone lined path and saw a remarkable garden filled with a variety of plants and wildflowers, Vine Maple, Coreopsis, Mountain Rose, Alpine Lily, Western Bistort and many more. Shaded by the trees they are in the perfect environment. Everything grows abundantly here.  I’m sure the rain helps. It helps me.

Vine Maple

Vine Maple


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