Take Time to Realize

Delphinium at Sunset

Delphinium at Sunset

Everything is so quiet in the evening. I love to sit on my deck with a cup of tea and watch the sunset. Watch the colors of the sky melt and drip to earth, falling upon my flowers. I love the way their colors change second by second in the evening. I really have two gardens you see. The warm bright vibrant colors of the day and the cool muted jewel tones of the evening.


Coneflower at Sunset

Your garden is alive and changes throughout the day. Take time to look at both your gardens. To watch it change with the sunset or the sunrise. Take time to realize what a gift your garden really is. You too will find you have “many” wondrous gardens.

As the moon rises and the stars come out one by one, and the chill in the air sinks into my bones l decide to go back in and wait for a new day in the garden.




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