Happy Winds-day

“Winnie the Pooh: Happy “Winds-day”, Piglet.
Piglet: (being blown away) Well… it isn’t very happy…f-for me.
Winnie the Pooh: Where are you going Piglet?
Piglet: That’s what I’m asking myself, where? W-Whoops! P-P-P-Pooh!
Winnie the Pooh: And what do you think you will answer yourself?’

Yesterday I walked outside into the garden with Zeta, my Maltese-bichon mix beside me. Even though it was still only late August, the sky was grey and cloudy and the wind cut through me. It was a blustery day. I heard the call of geese overhead as they flew by in formation towards an unknown destination.

Zeta being the ultimate guard dog that he is at 14 lbs proceeded to bark at them. Quite satisfied with himself as they flew away, knowing it was all his doing, he trotted over to the deck and lay down.



It felt like autumn and strange to be planting summer flowers, but I put them in their places anyway.  I was really happy with my purchases from the nursery the other day.  Especially so with the pale blush abutilon.  The flower petals were as thin as tissue paper with a beautiful center pistil. This was one of the first flowers I picked up at the nursery.

Care is very easy-use warm water and keep the soil evenly moist. Soil must be well-drained; use a container with a hole in the bottom and set it in a tray to catch excess water.
Use a liquid-soluble fertilizer on your abutilon every two weeks during the growing season in spring and summer, and don’t feed it during the fall or winter. Alternatively, use a granular slow-release fertilizer once a year in early spring.

Now all I need is my hole digging friend Karen to help me get the rest of the plants in the ground!

Pale Blush Albutilon

Pale Blush Albutilon


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