Birds of a Feather

I have been blessed in my garden with many creatures. Some wanted and some unwanted.  The birds are definitely wanted. I have been pretty lucky lately with the birds that have visited.  A couple of days ago when I was outside working I heard a tapping sound. There on the apple tree was a black and white woodpecker. He was so quick I wasn’t able to get a picture before he flew away, but what a treat!

The hummingbirds are such fascinating little creatures. I seem to be inundated with them right now. They are everywhere. Their tiny wings whirring so quickly. They love my plants and feed there daily. Just yesterday I finally saw one at rest in the pepper tree and was able to get a picture of her before she flew away.



For whatever reason, my garden seems to be where all the escaped pet birds migrate to as well. I few years ago a very large red parrot was hanging out here for a couple of days and we could not catch him but he was so beautiful! Then among other small birds recently my dog Zeta found a little finch, we caught him and after checking the neighborhood for a lost bird… kept him. Even ended up buying a companion for him so he wouldn’t be so lonely. Their names are Finn and Neko. Just more bounty from the garden.

Finn and Neko

Finn and Neko


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