Time Began

I bet a lot of you have heard the saying “Time Began in a Garden”.  So many quotes are related to the garden in some way or another and I think there are many reasons. Gardens are filled with life and they mirror life.  When I am sad or stressed one of my favorite places to be is in my garden. It brings me much joy. There is always something new to discover. When you least expect it at times that brings just a burst of excitement.
It is also a way to mark time. I have often said how much I love trees and as they grow they mark the time that passes. I am often surprised at how quickly one tree will grow compared to others. Today I am planting a tree, a sugar pine that I got on my recent trip to Lake Tahoe at Tallac Historical Museum. I am planting it because I want another tree but also to mark the beginning of the one year trip my son Devon is taking to South America. Sugar Pines are white pines and in trouble. It is important ecologically to keep these trees healthy and flourishing along with the fact that they are so beautiful.

Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine

Seedlings can be planted in Spring or Fall and planted at least 20′ from a building. They are one of the most massive pine trees in the world.  Water your seedling twice a week in Spring and Fall. Fertilize twice a year.  They usually grow about 12″ per year and are established in 3 years.

This is a picture of the seedling, I will post more pictures later on of the planting.

Cheryl in the Garden


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