Joe’s Garden

I have a big window in my living room that looks out to my smallish front yard and street.  I have always wanted a window box for that window to fill with azaleas and a few years back, one of my good friends Joe who is a master carpenter as well as gardener offered to build one for me.  I was thrilled to say the least as this was not the only thing Joe’s ever built for me. I had benches, chairs, plant stands etc…. Even a questionable porch swing. Questionable because he questions whether he built it (and I say he did.)  It was one of his earlier projects and not quite up to “current standards”.  You see Joe is 87 years old and works every day in the detached garage of his 100 plus year old Victorian home . Mainly building garden furniture for friends.

Joe has also been known to question my gardening methods at times as well. He is much more meticulous than I am in planting and caring for his plants. He never understands my ability to bring my plants back from what seems to be the dead. Or why it ever comes to that point in the first place!

Juliana and Joe

Joe and Juliana

A couple of weeks ago I took my granddaughter Juliana with me and we brought butterscotch brownies. His brightly colored plate sized dahlias were blooming all around us. Of course we found him working on a chair. He sat with us a bit as Juliana taught him a game on the iPad.  Joe is very tech savvy as well and quite interested in the iPad.

Joe has taught me a lot about gardening. A lot about life as well. How to tend it and how to live it and not necessarily in that order. I try to visit Joe and his garden every week and when I can’t, well it is my loss.


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