Herb Tower

Here is a great project for all you gardener’s this Labor Day weekend and is something even the kids could help with.  I was cleaning up my pots the other day for fall and remembered this idea I had seen a while back on the Martha Stewart Website. Most of us have extra pots lying around of different sizes. This project needs 3 different ones, small, medium and large. You will also need a variety of herbs, scented geraniums, or strawberries and some good potting soil. Herbs are still readily available is most nurseries/Home Depots. Just look for the healthier ones that haven’t outgrown their pots.

Fill the larger pot with soil then place the medium pot in the center about 1″-2″ deep . Then do the same with the smaller pot.  Next plant your herbs.  I like to plant my strawberries around the bottom and chives on top when they are available.

If you are having trouble finding herbs in your area check your local market or Trader Joe’s, they sometimes even sell small herb gardens you can transplant. If you are reallllllly industrious you might even try seeds!  If all else fails this is really pretty filled with pansies or other falls annuals.  Have fun planting and brightening up your deck or entryway!

Cheryl in the Garden


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