“Garden as Though You Will Live Forever”

Garden as though you will live forever

william kent

Watering Can

Watering Can

I love that quote, it makes me think, think about everything I put in the ground.  Well at least the things that are going to stay  more than a season. As gardeners we know what an impact we make on this earth.  I also think that is why I love trees so much and have so many.  In many ways trees are our legacy. I am constantly looking for another corner to plant one in!

I think that is why I move plants as often as I do as well. I want them to be in the “perfect place” so that when they are fully grown they will be welcome and appreciated there, not need to be topped or cut back past their natural shape.  I get really sad when I see beautiful trees topped almost to the trunk because of bad placement years ago.

Think of your planting as painting a beautiful landscape for others to see one day. You are leaving a part of yourself behind. Your personality dictates what you plant. Compare your garden to those of your neighbors, friends, relatives.  How are they alike? Different?

I bet you can tell a lot about someone when you walk in to their garden. Are they traditional, contemporary, a little wild?  Are they forgetful or very attentive?

A garden is your place to be who you really are and who you aspire to be. I hope part of that is someone who “gardens like they’ll live forever”.


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