Marion’s Table Set

Just like I thought the other day, the weather warmed back up and it was unseasonably hot yesterday. I took advantage of the weather and planted my new purple hydrangea and a pink honeysuckle. Pierre so generously offered to dig the holes 🙂 and it didn’t take very long at all. Preparations for fall are definitely underway.  I do have some Scabiosa that need to go in the ground but I am still debating on where to put them. I also need to decide what to do with the azalea’s in the window box when they quit blooming. I believe though for now on this third day of the three-day weekend I will finish a project I started a few weeks ago.

Marion's Table Set

Marion’s Table Set

Last Summer I inherited a wrought iron table and chairs from one of my dearest friends Marion who passed away. She had it for some time. It was a green color and a little rusty but I really loved it. I bought black spray paint for the chairs and base of the table and have painted most of those and now I need to finish painting the edge of the table top around the glass.  I will need to do that with a brush.  I also want to either find two pillows or make them for the seats today… I think Marion would approve. She loved her garden and had impeccable taste. She was one of the sweetest ladies I know and we had a true friendship. This is a perfect project for this beautiful day. I hope you enjoy your day in garden as well!


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