Out of Season

Early Girl Tomato

Early Girl Tomato

It was time. While the rest of you are probably still enjoying a bountiful tomato harvest, it was time for me to pull up my withered plants. You see I am lucky to have gotten any tomatoes at all considering where I planted them.  Let me give you a little background. My house is 100 years old and on an island, Bay Farm Island. Most of this island is fill so that new houses were able to be built. My little house has had a tough life over the years with a lot of neglect. Parts of my back yard were just used to dump anything unwanted in it by previous owners. Through the years the soil just deteriorated. After a lot of work the garden is beautiful now but there are parts of it that seem like no matter what I do things just won’t grow well there.  Of course one of those spots is the vegetable garden. I figured my best shot would be tomatoes and green beans. I was amazed and delighted that I got as many tomatoes as I did from my three plants.  The yellow pear doing the best.  We also have an issue with snails so I was fighting TWO battles. I should have bought stock in miracle grow and sluggo. In the center of the vegetable garden I have a kumquat tree that produces sweet delicious kumquats. They are just the perfect size for a Barbie doll!   The green beans on the other hand only grew about 14″ high and produced about 2 dozen beans, nice beans mind you, but only about 2 dozen.  My granddaughter Juliana and I plant them every year and this was our biggest crop so far. Needless to say she was very excited.

Kumquat Tree

Kumquat Tree

I know that my vegetable garden is tiny and I don’t produce a record number of tomatoes or beans or unfortunately not even one zucchini this year but we keep trying and we get enough tomatoes so that my 4-year-old grandson Tylor can pick and eat as many as his heart desires.  I love that the kids get the experience that I got as a child of planting a garden with their grandma even if it is on a smaller scale and experience the excitement of watching something grow that they can eat.

Cheryl in the Garden


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