Healing Garden

The garden has always been my refuge in times of stress or trouble. It is my place to think and process what is going on in my life. My place where I go to make decisions. To be closer to God.  I find when I don’t spend as much time in my garden tending, planning, that life gets a little too tumultuous and just doesn’t run as smoothly.

At the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with a rare cancer of my mouth that’s cause is unknown. I was lucky and it was Stage I and removed. I didn’t have to have any follow-up treatment because of how small it was and because of the type. But the thing is, this is the second completely different cancer I had been diagnosed with in the past two years. In October 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage I Breast Cancer. I had surgery for that and radiation. Now follow-up treatment for the next five years.

But no matter what has happened with me I have always been able to count on the constant of my garden and the joy that it brings me. The spring after my first sugary my hyacinths bloomed just like every year. My viburnum bush was filled with huge white snowball blossoms. The hummingbirds returned and the tulips I had planted in the fall grew. Things continued just like they did every year. Filling me with a hope that I would soon be out there working in my garden once again. Life continued and so did I.

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