Hearts and Flowers


Heart shaped sunflower

Yesterday I really wanted some dahlias for my home and mine were all finished blooming, so I decided to go to the Oakland flower market to see what I could find.  I know that is always a dangerous thing when I am going there only for myself and not for business. So many beautiful flowers! I chose  burgundy and orange bunches of dahlias. Trying to be good as I was leaving I passed the cut orchids and almost bought a bunch of the yellow dendrobians but passed them by.  Then I saw the sunflowers. Masses of sunflowers in every size imaginable. I ended up picking a bunch of those that included a variety of sizes. So beautiful with the dahlias.  As I was heading up front to pay, I passed the orchid plants. My will power was gone when I saw oncidium orchids. I had just been thinking about them a couple of days ago. That was a done deal.

When I arrived home and unwrapped everything, I put the orchid on my living room mantle and it looked beautiful. I found the perfect vase and loosely arranged the dahlias and some of the sunflowers. But there was one sunflower in particular that caught my eye. It was almost a perfect heart shape. I had never seen one like it before.  This is my first Fall bouquet of the season and I adore Fall. What a gift. That sunflower was definitely going in! I’m calling this bouquet  “Hearts and Flowers”.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we are 🙂

Hearts and Flowers Bouquet

Hearts and Flowers Bouquet


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