Garden of Grace


It’s that time of year again when I am full of expectations for what Spring will bring. This only happens in the Fall when I am buying my bulbs to plant. I love thinking about how beautiful the masses of red tulips, yellow daffodils and wonderful smelling hyacinths will be in various places in my garden. I go to the nurseries, I go to Home Depot, I even go to Costco looking for those special unique bulbs that will bring forth flowers that I would have a hard time finding at the flower market. See I love to use flowers from my garden in my floral arrangements for customers and I love to fill my home with vases of them as well.  Over the years I have found some very beautiful parrot tulips that have taken my breath away but tulips in California only bloom once because of the warm winters. Also you need to refrigerate them for six weeks prior to planting, trick them into thinking that it is winter.

I try to be someone who gives grace to others, myself not so much. My garden, rarely and each year when I plant my bulbs with my high expectations. I know that this year will be the one. The year that most of the bulbs will grow.  Then they don’t. Then I get really frustrated as I watch a few tulips bloom where I know I planted twenty-five. Joe never has a problem in his garden with his bulbs. He even plants his daffodils in pots. My daffodils are about the only bulb I can GET to grow. Out of say fifty tulip bulbs I would say twelve end up blooming. I don’t think that is normal.  I have a big pot of hyacinths that come back each year that I do not touch. One year I planted freesia in a big wooden container and that came back for years…  Maybe Joe is on to something.


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