Seasons of Love

The winters are so mild here that I am debating on whether to plant my coleus in the ground. We do get a couple of hard frosts occasionally but I am also going to take cuttings from each one and start new plants for the indoors as well as give to a friend who really loves them. There is always a chance you might lose something you love when you plant it outside here if it is considered an indoor plant typically. But there is usually a bigger chance it will survive.  That is one of the things I love about gardening in California.  I do have many more options than I had back East. Even though I really do miss the Seasons!  Seasons always gave me a sense of time passing and now I have had to adjust my Seasons to revolve more around events instead of weather which is very hard for a gardener 🙂 Leaves don’t really change in the fall here, the kids go back to school and the stores start selling mums and gourds. It does get a little cooler in the evenings. My apples on my tree are ready as well as the grapes on my grapevine.  Halloween items appear in September. Yes, it must be Fall.


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