Peace on 9/11

Today brings to mind a great desire for peace. Peace in this world, in our country, cities, even in our homes at times.  How elusive it seems just to find a little bit of peace, a quiet moment to meditate or pray. To center ourselves and go forward with our lives once again, to reboot shall we say.  I would love for each of us to find a place where that were possible. One of the places many people are turning to now are their gardens. You can create your own peaceful meditative garden within your garden with very little work.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Begin by finding a quiet, comfortable spot in your garden, covered or under a tree if possible. Here are some elements you will need a comfortable cushioned chair or bench, any special icon or symbol that brings you peace or gives you hope, and candles in shielded glass containers.  Set the atmosphere with an iPod or other music player. The sound of a fountain is quite soothing and lends a touch of peace if you have one.  You could also add word rocks that say PEACE, FAITH, HOPE.

Planting flowers and bushes that attract butterflies and hummingbirds will add even more natural beauty to your garden. A butterfly bush is a wonderful addition.

Now the most important thing of all…use your garden! Meditate, pray, daydream, spend time there. It is for you. Find moments of peace in this crazy world. Enjoy the beauty you have created in your meditative garden.


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