Big Plans

I have plans, big, big, plans for the side entrance to my back yard. I saw a picture in Sunset magazine and became determined to find as many of the plants that were in it as possible. I looked online for almost 2 hours and I found 2 that were available to purchase. At least in a home gardeners size.  What a bummer I was thinking but then realized the main plant in the photo, the Agave, I did find, on Etsy mind you! The other plant was lavender and it was easy to find.



I decided to go back to Orchard Nursery and look for similar plants that would fit in the climate and light requirements for that spot and did find some acceptable substitutions. Now I wait for my agave. Maybe I should finish up some of my other big plans while I’m waiting…like refinishing that old potting bench I sanded on Monday or planting the rest of my daffodils or even pulling out the rest of my Autumn decoration. ‘Cause you see, I have plans, big big plans 🙂


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