Grapes and Apples

So many signs that Fall is coming and I am trying to get the garden ready!   It does seem like I finish one task and another I didn’t even think of is waiting. This new puppy has sure taken up a lot of more of my time than I had expected. That’s ok though we are all having so much fun, especially watching her and my granddaughter Juliana chasing each other through the garden today, that was too much!

My grapes

My grapes

I believe we are all settling in for the change in seasons, just waiting for the weather to catch up now. The nights are chilly and damp cold enough for a fire outside, and perfect for cider or hot cocoa, but the afternoons have become unseasonably warm for Alameda. The apples are ripening and the grapes are ready and dark purple on the vine. The kids have had so much fun picking both. Soon there will be enough apples for a pie or to begin canning.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up staining my potting bench. It means a lot to me. I got it when I started my business Cheryl’s Garden and that was over  twelve years ago. It was one of my displays in my store on Euclid in Berkeley. We used to put all the hand-made terra-cotta pots on it along with the hand-held garden tools.  Maybe if I have time I’ll go pick up some more potting soil so I can use it when it dries to plant my daffodils.  I have plenty of pots.

It was a good week. Peaceful. I did accomplish a lot more than I expected in many ways


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