Share and Share Alike

Plant Sharing

Plant Sharing

Not much time today, so much to do! My friend Pam is coming by this evening. She is a container gardener but not really by choice. She lives in an apartment building with no personal outdoor garden area. I gave her some of my tulip bulbs last year and I swear they grew three times faster than mine!  Doesn’t that always seem to happen to me?  Tonight I’m going to give her some of the daffodil bulbs and the coleus cuttings and without a doubt some marigold seeds. I think sharing our gardens is a wonderful opportunity to spread beauty throughout out community. It also gives our friends a chance to try out a new plant without going to all the expense of buying it.  Think about what plants you have that you might be able to share with a friend or even community or teen center to brighten them up.  Many of these facilities welcome a little volunteer gardening when it comes with some free plants.

Next time you are cutting back some of your  plants that are transplantable think about your garden friends and if they would like a cutting!

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