Searching for Sharkey

Sharkey and his self portrait

Sharkey and his self portrait

I didn’t end up posting anything yesterday because we had a family emergency…Sharkey our big Maine Coon cat, who wasn’t feeling well, went missing.  We spent most of the day looking for him all over the house at first then all over the garden, his favorite place, then all over the neighborhood.  I even looked up into the top of the apple tree, just in case.  I had been ready to take him to the Vet. he was acting so sick when we woke up. Then when I thought about it he hadn’t been acting right for a few days. I just knew he wasn’t coming back as cats often do when it is their time to go.  Then around 7:30pm he comes strolling out from under my bed where he must have been “unconscious” all day to have not heard us calling him. He even ate a little, walked around a bit then layed back down in his spot.  He seems a lot better and even ran outside this morning like his usual self when I opened the door but I still think we may need to make a trip to the vet today.

I’m thinking of going by Petco later and picking up some catnip plants or cat grass for him just to cheer him up.  If I can find the catnip I will plant that in the garden near his favorite spot to lay. He needs his own little garden too.


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