The Olive Branch

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago
The next best time is today

My olive tree stands in the center of my garden as a symbol of peace in a world of chaos. There are tiny green olives that are growing now. It’s a shame we can’t eat them! I do know that if cured they would be black olives.



I love this tree and had wanted one for the longest time but they were so expensive and small everywhere I found one and that was mainly online and the San Francisco Farmer’s Market. Then one day I happened to be at Home Depot and they had just gotten six in. I was ecstatic. They were in 5 gallon containers and only $19.99 each. After some debate I bought three not knowing what I would do with all of them yet but knowing I would think of something.

Getting them home was another story. It is good I have a convertible and live close to the store.  I knew I would give one to my good friend Joe.  I always share my finds with him for his garden!  That left two, so I planted one in the garden and the other in a very large terra-cotta pot for now.

The one in the garden did great as did Joe’s, but the one in the pot was looking pretty sickly by last Spring. I finally decided who to give it to, my friend Karen. My best friend Karen who digs my holes for me, who just happens to be a Pastor who out of all of us should probably have an olive tree in her garden.  It’s doing better now and will probably shoot right past mine. They are now all where they were meant to be from the beginning.

Cheryl in the garden.


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