Caramel Apple? Tree

Nolan and his caramel apple

Nolan and his caramel apple

Yesterday was Nolan and Juliana day, my 8 and 9-year-old grandchildren were over after school and that made for some fun.  It was as Pooh would say it “A Blustery Day Piglet” and they decided to play with their giant frisbee right near some of  my new plantings in the garden. But hey, what am I going to say I am “The Best” as Nolan would say, often during moments of trying to coerce me into letting him play with the iPad, but I’ll still take it!

Well after the 4th or 5th time Nolan threw the frisbee over the fence into our neighbor Mary’s backyard I suggested we pick some apples and make caramel apples. Juliana liked the idea but Nolan being much more of the gamer type gave me that winning little smile and I acquiesced, he could play with the iPad. Meanwhile Juliana and I went to work picking apples. We chose the ripest we could find then washed and dried them. Instead of cooking hot caramel and dipping, I let her use those circle of caramel you wrap around the apple and stretch to fit. She loved sticking the stick in! Then bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes. Much safer and cleaner.  She also made sure she gave Nolan the first apple 🙂 We were sitting outside eating the apples a little later watching Sharkey chase the tiny leaves from the white birch blowing by when Juliana realized Nolan was only eating the caramel. I love that kid.


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