The Rain it is a Comin”

The rain it is a comin”, in fact it’s already here, pouring down on my garden. On me. On the Giants game in San Francisco. And yes it feels good. I’ve said it before I love rain. The way it feels, sounds, smells. How alive it is, each little drop with a job of its own to do. How the whole sky changes and sometimes even the wind will join in. Taking hold of stray dry leaves and bringing them into the dance. The whoosh of the branches of the trees as they bow humbly to the breeze. I love the sound of rain hitting my windows and roof sometimes soothing, sometimes like the crashing notes of a symphony.  A much-needed drink for all my thirsty plants.

This past week I have been recovering from a surgery related to my breast cancer and had some time to reflect on how full and joyous life can be if we let it in. All of it. The sun and the rain. It’s what we do with it when we receive it that matters. Even in the rain you can always find a cozy spot inside to sit curled up with a hot cup of tea and look out at how beautiful your garden is…


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