Joe’s Blessing

November is such an in between month for me. The month between the beginning of Autumn and the festivities of Christmas. I have never been that big on celebrating Thanksgiving in the past. It always seems like sooo much work for one meal that goes by so quickly. But this year I am going to try to look at it differently. I try to always be thankful for what life has given me and the blessings that I have, but it is good to stop and reflect more deeply on those blessings.
This year being healthy after a couple of surgeries has been a blessing, and of course the biggest blessing to me is my friends and family. My garden blesses me in every season, I love to watch it change even now when hardly anything is blooming but the roses. Some of my crazy tulips are starting to break through the ground now with all the warm weather we have had. I had a bag of daffodils left over after planting mine and gave them to my friend Joe the other day. He hadn’t bought any yet and seemed quite pleased with them, which in return pleased me. Then a couple of days ago he shows up on my door step with a beautiful wooden planter he made for me in which he planted some of the bulbs. I was so touched.  Joe has had a pretty tough year himself but he continues to look towards his blessings and also finds a lot of them in his garden and friends as well.
Now I have this incredible “not so mini” garden to watch the next few months that will continue to remind me of what and who I am thankful for. Waiting for Spring and new life, watching Joe’s blessing.

Cheryl in the Garden


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