My Stubborn Tree

The weather is slowly growing colder and the rain is coming more frequently. Halloween has passed but I still have my beautiful pumpkins my daughter Tashi bought. I can’t bear to throw them away and besides they work well for Thanksgiving. My pansies are blooming like crazy and are a vibrant purple. They sit next to the pumpkins on the front steps.  The olives are falling from the olive tree and there are only one or two apples left on the apple tree for the birds to feed on. Most of the leaves have either changed color or fallen by now, well all except one. My liquid amber tree. I bought this tree several years ago at a nursery hoping to bring some bright red fall color into my yard. I planted it directly in view of my bedroom window. It has grown tall and is healthy, and every autumn while other trees are changing colors, it stays green. Then when the other trees drop their leaves for the winter, its remain. Finally when spring arrives some of the leaves have started to yellow or turn brown and new leaves start appearing, forcing the old ones to fall. It’s really not very attractive and confuses me to no end. I have never seen such a stubborn tree. Refusing to go through the seasons. I am at a loss as to what to do with it and I am not one to cut down a perfectly good tree. So I believe there must be some lesson I am to learn from this stubborn tree, until then we’ll just stay in perpetual summer! 


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