Purple Rain

I never know when it’s going to happen. I can be sitting in my comfy chair reading or just waking up. I can be walking by the sliding doors in my bedroom or working on my computer, when all of a sudden that unmistakable glimpse of purple catches my eye.  A second look and I see it, at the farthest end of my garden, my lilac bush is blooming. Not just one bloom but many and this always seems to happen when I least expect it. I could have just been in the garden yesterday and saw nothing, then almost magically overnight they bloom!

The smell is just heavenly and reminds me of my childhood when I used to pick armfuls for my Mother. She would fill the house with their blossoms.The scent wafted through all the rooms.When I first moved to California I thought I wouldn’t be able to grow them because of the weather but luckily I have found some that do quite well here. This variety blooms early and right about the time it is finished my variegated one begins to bloom.

This morning I caught that  glimpse through the steady fall of rain and now that the sun has decided to peek out, I am off to cut my first bouquet of rain-soaked purple beauty.


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