Legacy of a Tree

I think this is what hooks one to gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation.

Phyllis Theroux

The sun is peeking through the residual rain clouds left from yesterdays unexpected showers and I am eagerly anticipating a day to just “garden”. So much to do just to get things back in shape and ready for my Spring planting.  I have been shopping online for many new plants that are unavailable in local nurseries. I love having unique flowers and shrubs that I can use in my floral designs but mostly just love looking at how beautiful they are in the garden next to all the other plants old and new. Deciding what to buy and where to place them is always so much fun but at the same time a bit of a responsibility because if I’m not careful by the end of summer I will be contemplating moving that overgrown grass or dying flower. As I’ve said before I have no qualms over moving a plant if it isn’t suited to its current location once or even twice! I have been very lucky with my moving ventures too.  Generally though it is always best to try to get it right the first time. Do your research, know your garden and where the sunny spots are at different times of the day. Choose plants that work well for your soil type.

Oak tree sprout with my pie bird

Oak tree sprout with my pie bird

Recently I was given the privilege  of receiving a gift from my friend Joe Owen’s son, John.  John had collected an acorn from one of the massive oak trees in Joe’s front yard, put it in water and it had sprouted. It was now around 5″ tall and John gave it to me!  I water it almost every day and don’t know when it will be big enough to plant… just looking up into Joe’s trees that are over 100 years old, I can’t imagine those trees ever being this small. It makes me think that this is probably something I will end up giving to my little gardening granddaughter Juliana to plant in her garden someday. She would truly appreciate it. Thank you to John, what an awesome gift. An Owen legacy of sorts being passed down. I feel very blessed.


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