Snow Balls in Spring


A few years ago I was shopping in a local nursery and saw a small lone viburnum plant in a 4″ pot. It was the only one they had and scraggly at best but I had wanted one for a long time and at $4.99 it seemed like a great deal to me.  So I purchased my little viburnum bush, took it home and carefully planted it next to my deck.  I must have found the perfect spot for it because over the next few years it flourished and grew from a small 7″ stick into a large 9′ bush covered with large white fluffy blossoms or “snow balls” as my grandmother was fond of calling them. I remember she had a photo of me as a baby sitting in front of my parents house next to an enormous bush with flowers almost as big as my head!  I looked like I was trying to pick one. I wouldn’t put it past me, even then, I’ve always loved flowers.


Viburnum are a wonderful addition to any garden and are beautiful as a cut flower. They are tolerant to almost any soil type or ph level and grow very quickly.  In colder months leaves turn a tinge of purple or red before falling off.  You will not be disappointed, viburnum will continue to impress for year after year and you too can have “snow balls in Spring”!


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