Fruit Salad


I seem to have had a hard time controlling myself and my garden purchases this Spring. One in particular. Trees.  It all started when visiting the nursery and I saw an apricot tree that I knew I really needed, never mind the fact that I have very little room left for any trees, this one was coming home.  In the back of my mind  I think I had already decided that this tree was going to live in my best friend Karen’s garden which I also help take care of occasionally. Even though she only lives 20 minutes from me her weather is decidedly warmer. In the San Francisco Bay Area it is called micro climates. It can be cold and foggy at my home near the bay and warm and sunny at hers just a little farther inland. I think the tree is going to do much better there. Now I don’t take full responsibility for the next tree! At the same nursery less than two weeks later I found a Philippine mango tree. They are my favorite mangoes, smaller with a yellow skin and oh so sweet. How awesome would it be to grow those?  Karen was with me this time and decided she wanted it for herself thus saving me from a difficult decision.

Orange Tree Orchard near Oliva in Valencia, Spain, Europe.

Today as I write she has a glorious orange tree laden with juicy oranges, a beautiful lemon tree,grape vines and now an apricot and mango tree.  A fruit salad in the making! In my next post I will talk about the actual trees that made it to my garden until then,

Happy Gardening!


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