Garden Grandma

My Grandma

My grandma’s name was Greedle Dobbs and I think in many ways she and I were more alike than most of my relatives. I believe I owe most of my love of gardening to her. She lived in a very rural part of Kentucky for all of her life and always grew a large vegetable garden that provided food and income for the family. She raised corn, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and more.


Some of my earliest memories of her were during summer vacation, helping her plant in the fields behind her house. She did it all by hand and now that I look back I am amazed, but that was the way it was done there and the way she had always done it.

I remember one year after I had moved to Kentucky for a short period of time with my two young children, she came to my home and together we dug and planted a small vegetable garden in my backyard. We laughed and talked about all those years ago when I was  younger helping with her garden. Grandma said she believed I loved eating the tomatoes more than planting them! We planted many of the same vegetables we used when I was a child.

As a child my love of gardening eventually spilled over into flowers and all things growing. I loved picking bouquets of flowers for my mother and teachers. Planting and growing them as well.

Next Generation

Now I see that same love skipping a generation and settling upon my granddaughter Juliana, making me her Garden Grandma. I just hope I can be even a little bit of what my grandma was to me. She passed away when Juliana was a baby so she doesn’t really remember her. She was full of laughter and determination and so much knowledge. She lived a very hard life but always made it seem like fun when we were there. I try to carry on some of the same traditions that she did, filled with the same love and spirit.IMG_8408


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