Teaching Tylor

Today I spent a lot of time in the dirt. I also spent a lot of time with Tylor my 4-year-old grandson who spent the day with me.  I had a lot of planting I needed to get done and normally he would be asking me to “play with the iPad”, but today was a beautiful sunny morning and not a day to spend in the house. Especially for a little boy who was way too clean!

I had a “truck-load” of new plants and I placed them where they needed to go, while Tylor and grandpa planted them.  He helped decide where a new dogwood tree was going. He held it up as grandpa filled the hole with dirt. His curiosity and independence was apparent in everything he did. He was filled with questions from why is the hole that big to how do we get it out of the pot? Then when it came time to plant some Salvia on his own, he very carefully held the plants, gently loosening the dirt at the bottom and placing them into the soil and covering them. I was so proud of him. He did such a good job.


I am very lucky that I get to live next to my three grandchildren and spend so much time with them, I know that a lot of grandparents aren’t so lucky. My mom lives in Kentucky and only spent a few years living next to my children when they were smaller, but they formed a very strong connection to her never the less. My grandma lived far from me and I only saw her once a year but she made an enormous impact on my life. There are things we teach our grandchildren that our parents can’t teach us, like in my last post Garden Grandma. They look up to us in a different way for an unconditional love with a little mischief thrown in for good measure! I’m sorry my mom didn’t get to have this experience with her great-grandchildren.

Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us, as no one in our entire lives has ever done, not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends – and hardly ever our own grown children.
~Ruth Goode

We have things we can teach out grandchildren that can make an incredible difference in their life. Like gardening did in mine. It’s our gift to pass on to the next generation the good part of ourself.  A way to bless and be blessed in return.


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