Sunset Celebration Weekend

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Sunset Celebration Weekend 2013 at the Sunset Magazine headquarters and gardens in Menlo Park, CA. So much to do and see! The weather was perfect and warm and the food delicious! With featured presenters from Fabio Viviani/Chef and Author to Renee Shepherd/Seed Developer from Renee’s Garden there was a wide variety of sessions to attend and tons of fun to be had!

Flora Grubb Gardens

I was able to attend a very interesting presentation by Daniel Nolan from Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco on Succulent Design. He also went into propagation and care. So many beautiful plants to choose from and almost all bloom. How easy they h_daniel_nolan_500-sare to care for as well. His biggest tip? Don’t buy them in a container larger than 1 gallon. They grow fast and multiply quickly.


Four Winds Growers

Another session was with Aaron Dillon from the Four Winds Growers. He is a citrus Nurseryman and he had much information on citrus trees. Living in California almost everyone with a garden has some type of  lemon or orange tree and along with that usually comes one or two issues. My biggest problem is ants and he recommended a product called Terro. Follow this link for more interesting information. I was also really sad to find out that I probably have little or no chance of my

Aaron Dillon

Aaron Dillon

kumquat tree ever producing fruit in Alameda. He said it just doesn’t get hot enough here and that’s what they like. My friend Karen lives farther down South so I asked if we transplanted it there, would help? He told us it would have a better chance. So guess what I will be doing in the Fall? Since it doesn’t lose it’s leaves and I’m moving it to a warmer climate, that is the best time to transplant.

Test Garden

The Sunset Test Garden was absolutely amazing. So many beautiful varieties of plants. I wanted to take them all home. I took lots of pictures instead. The colors were vibrant and of course the were all perfect for this climate. I made a list of many I want to try to find and purchase for my own garden. Meanwhile here are a few photos to enjoy. I must say if you ever have the chance to attend the Sunset Celebration Weekend please go for it. You simply don’t want to miss it!

IMG_2888 IMG_2886 IMG_2884 IMG_2881 IMG_2880 IMG_2879 IMG_2878 IMG_2877 IMG_2897 IMG_2898


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