Showers in the Garden

I know I haven’t posted in a while but many things have been going on! One being a new grand baby  on the way. Averie Willow is due to arrive on on July 12th and what would a new baby be without a baby shower?

We had so much fun turning the whole garden into a pink wonderland in celebration of the new little life that I just wanted to share some pictures with you!.


1526195_4231796090730_3117445512086243445_n 10336842_4230184210434_5341681348544142971_n 10364122_10201113105989756_57599486035160409_n-1 10393834_4231805570967_2560903937393933267_n

10449552_10203849848389074_41796729_n 10452355_4232093058154_2749304038094771285_n10423496_10203849850069116_764482306_n10428990_10203849868629580_238023584_n10438697_10203849865789509_141374035_n10443961_10203849877429800_630029523_n10455486_10203849884389974_1542652046_n10456361_10203849849549103_1499168017_n10461747_10203849894390224_2021699917_n bba1eeab619e8384b67ef8919739caac


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