Down and Dirty

Let’s get down to it, gardening can be a dirty job. but somebody’s got to do it, right?


About Me

Flowers surround me, always.  My friend Karen says no matter where I am there is always a flower.  Simple, extravagant, common, unique, it really doesn’t matter in the end because they all make up a part of who I am and have done so for as long as I can remember.  I was always the little girl bringing huge fresh picked bouquets of lilacs to my mom or teachers.  Never mind that they were from the neighbor’s backyard! I was lucky at age 6 they thought I was cute trying to reach the elusive blossoms.  I bought seeds every summer with what little money I had and planted hollyhocks and sunflowers and watched in awe as they grew taller than me,  Then when the sunflowers turned to seed I waited for the birds to come and feast upon the delicacy awaiting them.  I tried my hand at vegetable gardening and planted popcorn in hopes of growing corn. I had spent Summer vacations with my grandmother in Kentucky and she had taught me much about vegetable gardening as she had an enormous five acre garden that  she and my grandpa planted. She taught me well because my corn grew only to be mowed down by the apartment maintenance man one afternoon when I was at a friends.  I didn’t give up, but I went back to flowers.  Life moved on and so did I. Peonies filled my first home from all the bushes outside my living room window. Tulips, daffodils and  muscari have followed me everywhere.  Moving from the East Coast and having my first jasmine plant here in California so sweet and intoxicating is a memory I will never forget. I could go on and on.  You see each important moment in my life.  Every special person has a flower associated with them.  I know each and every one of  them because they are part of who they are to me.  Flowers surround me, in my garden and in the memories and people I love.