Everything my Heart Desires

Orchard Nursery

Orchard Nusery in Lafayette Ca.

I know that walking in is going to be the toughest part. This is where they put “everything my heart desires”.  Everything new and exciting is in this one section and arranged so beautifully. Just like I would in my garden.  I’m talking about my visit to the nursery the other day and that “kid in a candy store” feeling I always get.  About this time my friend Karen walks up with a cart. “Thought you might need this” she said smiling.  I had basically left her in the dust when we got out of the car and went ahead. ” Yes I am definitely going to need that”  I immediately put a black petunia on the cart, as she hands it to me. To that I added a pale pink abutilon.  Here was also a new geranium and new version of the shooting star hydrangea. More choices than I have room for at home.

Shooting Star Hydrangea

Shooting Star Hydrangea

l had to leave this section and move into the main area before I spent every penny I had.   I was searching for more coleus and anything interesting.  I picked up a beautiful orange and yellow blanket flower for the front yard that would be a great transition to fall colors.  I found beautiful coleus and those were added to my cart as well.  Then Karen showed me a very unique plant she found from South Africa called a Lion’s Tail. It stands as tall as I am and grows as large as 6′, is deer resistant and needs little to no water once it is established. It is a member of the mint family and it was awesome.  I really had to think about it though because this guy was going to take up a chunk of room.  There were only two left and I decided as I was leaving I had to get it.  Sure enough when I got home and showed Pierre he knew where it should go.

Lion's Tail

Lion’s Tail

Now I just have to find a place for everything else. But that’s the most fun, right?

Cheryl in the Garden

Gloxinia Care



Gloxinia are very similar to African Violets except that in the Winter they require a period of rest.  During blooming season make sure you feed weekly and you will be rewarded with a prolific number of blooms up to 3″ in size.  When blooming has finished, cut back watering by half and when the leaves have died back dig up the small tuber.  Trim the remaining leaves, wash in tepid water, dry and store in a plastic bag in a cool dark area until Spring.  You will begin to see new growth at that time and you will know it is time to replant! Nowadays Gloxinas only hold their vigor 2-3 years so don’t be surprised if this only works a couple of times or plant stops blooming. Also, I live in a part of the San Francisco Bay Area where my friends and I have actually had luck leaving them in the ground over the Winter months due to our mild weather and it worked out here.