Call the Movers!

Honeysuckle Container Garden-BeforeI move plants like I move furniture.  If I don’t like where I have planted something I have no problem digging it up and moving it somewhere else.  I have been known to move trees (albeit SMALL trees)  if I can find someone who will help dig them up for me. When I first planted this container garden of honeysuckle, coleus and grasses I knew that at some point the honeysuckle would out grow the container.  I was fine with that as I wanted to plant it along side my fence by my deck.  Well last week the time finally came. The long vines of the honeysuckle were over powering the rest of the container and I knew that it was now or never.  So I went in search of one of my many pair of garden gloves and of course could only find one left one.  I being right-handed wasn’t pleased with this to I searched further and found a new pair in my garden shed.  I got my trowel, had dug the new hole and was ready.  What I hadn’t planned on was exactly how happy that honeysuckle was in that container.  She was not budging. I removed smaller plants, dug farther down and still she held firm.  I think the roots ended up going to the bottom of the container.  This worried me. I know some were broken.  I put the smaller With hibiscusplants back and replaced the honeysuckle with an orange hibiscus (for now!)  Then replanted it by my fence. I am happy to report that there have been some yellowing leaves but with a good dose of transplant food at the beginning and again yesterday, things seem to be looking hopeful.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Don’t be afraid to “Call the Movers” if you have a plant you want to transplant.  Check out our transplant tips article for more information

Cheryl in the Garden