How Many Colors?

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Leaving Lake Tahoe today and heading back home to my own garden!  Whenever my daughter Tashi was younger and we were heading into Tahoe towards our cabin we would always pass the lake.  It never failed, no matter what time of day or what season, Tashi wanted to count the colors of the lake. Lake Tahoe changes colors as is gets deeper and colder and she loved to see how many different colors she could see. It has always been one of our “Tahoe Traditions” that now carries on to my grandchildren when I bring them up with me.  It gives us a chance to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature, the beauty of the lake in the midst of the excitement of vacation and all that goes along with that.  I try to teach them that even in this place of so much fun there is a beauty they won’t find anywhere else.

Traveling Gardens Part 2

I’m spending this week in South Lake Tahoe. It’s one of my favorite places to be.  I love the beauty of nature here. The tall pine

Pine Branch

Pine Branch

trees, the mountains, the flowers and of course the lake. Every time I’m here I find a new and wonderful discovery.

This is a very different kind of garden. But still very much a garden. All of nature comprises its own gardens in its own ways. We are fortunate if we can replicate them half as beautifully in our own spaces. I often look to nature for inspiration, in types of plants, sizes and colors. What better example can we find except from the Master Gardener?  I hope you join me throughout this coming week as I explore this place that is so much a part of me.

Angel of the Morning

Angel's Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet

I am not a native Californian.  Moving from the East Coast over 16 years ago was quite an experience to me when it came to my garden.  Nothing was the same, plants, weather, plants, soil, pests, oh and did I say plants? Not that they were a bad thing at all. The plants here are absolutely amazing at times.  The Angel’s Trumpet is a perfect example of that.  I took this photo the other day with the morning  sun shining through the huge blossom of this angel’s trumpet. The flowers are unbelievable 10″ trumpet-shaped blooms usually in white.  Mine are a pale pink variety.  Its fragrant flowers dangle from upright stems and appear in shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, and cream.  It must be noted that every part of this plant is poisonous and care should be taken around children.  Also wear gloves when pruning.   My tree is in a secluded part of my garden.  We tried to dig it up on one occasion and it came back, the frost has killed part of it and it returned so it is a very tenacious plant. I love the flowers and the scent that comes into my  bathroom window it makes me feel like I am on a tropical island. I love my Angel in the Morning.