Trees of Life

Pine tree

Pine tree

I love trees, I love what they represent to me about life in so many ways. Trees are just so full of spirit and history.

Family Trees are a perfect example of how something in life is based on the form of a tree. So many branches extending from the main trunk in addition to all the leaves.

Growing up my backyard was filled with trees, even a cherry tree. I climbed them, raked their leaves into piles and jumped in them. I drew and painted them during my artistic phase.  They were beautiful.

The pine trees here in Lake Tahoe are majestic they are tall and their branches are laden with pine cones. Their smell wafts in through the windows with the breeze. They call to me to touch them and of course I can’t resist. I grasp a low branch to pick a pine cone and my fingers are almost immediately covered with sweet sticky sap. It does not want to come off!

I love my Tahoe trees. They are always here when I come to my cabin, waiting for me, trees of life, strong faithful, resilient, part of nature, part of me.